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FILO Vending Apparel


Our Mission

At F.I.L.O Vending we aim to serve as a pivotal platform for vendors to establish valuable connections with local businesses. We further this objective by fostering meaningful dialogues around vending through our branded apparel, thereby catalyzing discussions that ultimately expand the reach of vending operations to new locations and business opportunities.

Represent Your Hustle with F.I.L.O Vending!

Why Choose FILO Vending Apparel ?

Embrace Your Hustle

Join F.I.L.O Vending on our journey to elevate the profile of the vending industry, whether this is your side hustle or primary profession.

Business Enhancement

F.I.L.O is dedicated to providing additional resources and innovative strategies to empower the growth and success of your vending empire.

Safe Shipping

Get your favorite items delivered safely right to your door.

Innovative Fashion, Infinite Expression

We understand that your style is a reflection of your individuality and business. Our collection of Men's and Women's is designed to help you make a statement with every outfit. From elegant but simple to our bold and artistic designs, we have something to suit every Vendor or supporter.